Léa Lagasse’s (b. 1979, lives and works in London) practice investigates our relationship to reality and the authenticity of its experience. The distorting process at work in Lagasse’s pieces often sparks off with her personal reading, which she turns into “meta-books”, commentary on the original text, yet contained within that text: Each edition carries a specific layout or device destined to echo the original narrative. She participated in residencies such as the Hisk, the Mountain School of Art and the Banff Centre. She has exhibited at Super Gallery, the Macba , Artists Space and Stroom den Haag.

Fresh from the press, Naufrage is part of the new edition of F.R. DAVID

Other blog: Variable Weather

Contact: lealagasse@yahoo.co.uk

One comment

  1. Hello it’s mr Polanski here
    You have very great hair
    I imagine it on my pillow
    Once when I was young I thought I was clever
    But I have no talent
    Jeans are great
    But trousers are better
    When I pretend to speak another language, your name comes out
    Again and again
    Email me for a dwarf
    Thank you
    Dwarf enabler




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